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23 Photos That Confused The Hell Out Of Us In 2018

Be prepared to squint hard at these photos.

1. This man isn't really sticking his hand down his friend's pants.

u/DingsDaBumsTa / Via

2. This is a cat, not a bird.

u/jesusgains / Via

3. This man did not urinate in his pants.

u/Pabs_K / Via

4. Sadly, the sun isn't giving this guy a shoulder rub.

u/H4yvan / Via

5. This is not one long cow.

u/stealinggreen / Via

6. There's only one bald man in this car.

u/Mr_Malvic / Via

7. This boy is not flexing.

u/GraantjePappie / Via

8. This cat merely has a sock draped over its back.

u/primos235 / Via

9. The man in the background is not placing his hand on this woman's shoulder.

u/UndeadCircus / Via

10. This is just a car bumper sitting in the middle of the street.

u/Vatramint / Via

11. This man doesn't have a tiny arm.

u/Gabesdefig / Via

12. And this woman doesn't have tiny legs.

@milanoysl / Via Twitter: @milanoysl

13. This man is not staring.

@cassepaslatetee / Via Twitter: @cassepaslatetee

14. And this man is not pretending like he's touching this woman's butt.

u/the_unlight / Via

15. That nose does not belong to this child.

u/jaykirsch / Via

16. This room is a lot larger than it looks at first glance.

u/Steeeeve_Maaadden / Via

17. This chair is not broken.

u/thegoatiedoodie / Via

18. These dogs do not share a head.

u/A-Manual / Via

19. This woman is not a centaur.

u/prof_tornasol / Via

20. This is a flight of stairs.

u/ethan_kahn / Via

21. This dog does not have terrifying teeth.

u/Dvfreeman1990 / Via

22. This cat? It's not giant!

u/daria_arbuz / Via

23. And this man is not taking a photo of his butt.

u/_Kabak_ / Via