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25 Mind-Blowing Details You Never Noticed In Superhero Movies

For anyone who's a sucker for small details.

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1. During the intro to Watchmen, a young Night Owl foils an armed robbery outside of the Gotham Opera House. Can you think of a notable Gotham City resident who loses his parents to an armed robbery after seeing the opera?


6. And speaking of the Joker, the mask he wears during the bank robbery at the beginning of The Dark Knight is a nod to Cesar Romero's Joker, who wears an almost identical mask during his first appearance in Batman, the 1960s television series.


17. In X-Men: First Class, Mystique attempts to seduce Magneto. He tells her, "maybe in a few years." She responds by shapeshifting into Rebecca Romijn (her older self), who plays Mystique in the first three movies.

18. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this S.H.I.E.L.D. technician risks his life by refusing to aid a traitorous Brock Rumlow. In doing so, he earns Nick Fury's trust and appears again in Avengers: Age of Ultron to assist in the Battle of Sokovia.

19. These scenes from Man of Steel (top) and Batman v Superman (bottom) are different perspectives of the same moment when Zod wreaks havoc in Metropolis. The scenes line up almost perfectly.

20. Nick Fury's tombstone in Captain America: Winter Soldier features a quote from a familiar, albeit fake, Bible verse, Ezekiel 25:17. It's the same verse Sam Jackson's character quotes from at the beginning of Pulp Fiction.


23. These two scenes of Alfred approaching a mourning Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, respectively, mirror one another. In both scenes, Bruce blames himself, and in both scenes Alfred comforts him.

25. During this scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, a translator implant is listed as an enhancement under Peter Quill's profile. This would explain why he's able to communicate with every alien in the universe.