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Hate To Break It To You, But Drinking Milk Is Not Okay

And this isn't coming from a vegan.

Hi! My name is Andrew, I have ZERO dietary restrictions, and I think that drinking milk is really gross.

Now, before we go any further, let me explain exactly what I mean:

Using milk for a recipe? Perfectly normal.

A splash of milk in your coffee? Not terrible.

Churning milk into butter? Fine — delicious, even. I love butter.

Cereal? You're pushing it, but I'll allow it.

Guzzling milk as a beverage? Um...are you a baby?

Some people have asked me, "Andrew, but what about milkshakes? What about chocolate milk?!"

Ice cream in any form is obviously delicious. And chocolate milk? Not for me, personally.

But for the sake of argument, we're not talking about anything other than just a plain old glass of white milk.

Quick question for you:

So then why the hell are you drinking this thing's breast milk?

Does this look like a normal place for a drink to come from?

Are you really cool with this????

Not surprisingly, a lot of people agree with me:

Why are people still drinking dairy milk? Like ewww

i told my nephew he gotta stop drinking milk and fuck with the alternatives cause why would he drink a cows titty milk how would he like it if a cow was drinking from his momma. Yesterday i seen this man walking round with a carton of almond milk, I did not know my influence

Sorry if this offends but I believe drinking a glass of milk for pleasure is sociopathic

Idc if you don’t want to be vegan or vegetarian... but you do need to stop fucking drinking milk

So take a good, long look in the mirror. If there's not a baby or a calf looking back at you, it's time to stop drinking milk.