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9 Math Quizzes You Should Take Right Now β€” Yes, Right This Very Second

Math: It's inescapable.

Andrew Ziegler / Via BuzzFeed

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of quizzes carefully curated for your enjoyment.

1. How Far Can You Make It In This Endless Pi Quiz?


How far can you go?

Take the quiz here.

2. How Much Random Algebra Knowledge Do You Have?

Lorne Michaels Productions

If anyone knows what algebra even is, lmk.

Take the quiz here.

3. This Third Grade Math Test Is Strictly No-Calculator, So Good Luck

Lin Pictures / New Line Cinema

All that mattered to me in the third grade was my eraser collection.

Take the quiz here.

4. This Middle School Math Test Is So Easy That You Shouldn't Need A Calculator


I understand if you scrubbed pre-algebra from your mind.

Take the quiz here.

5. This Fourth Grade Math Test Is Strictly No-Calculator, So Put Them Away

Lin Pictures / New Line Cinema / Getty

I spent fourth grade pretending to be a wolf.

Take the quiz here.

6. How Much Math Knowledge Have You Forgotten? Take This Fourth Grade Math Test To Find Out

E! / Getty

Every time someone uses a calculator on this quiz, a fraction dies.

Take the quiz here.

7. Can You Pass This Fifth-Grade Math Test Without Using A Calculator?

FOX / Disney

Hope you like fractions.

Take the quiz here.

8. I Bet You Can't Pass This Algebra Test For 12-Year-Olds


Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally.

Take the quiz here.

9. If You Score 4/6 On This Brain Teasers Math Quiz, You Are Really Smart

Rede Globo

This quiz may melt your brain. Hope you liked having an unmelted brain.

Take the quiz here.

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