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19 Wholesome Things You'll Never Understand If You're Not Married To Your Best Friend

"Stop pooping. I miss you."

1. When your spouse is your best friend, you share everything.

2. Okay maybe not everything, but most things...

3. ...and the things you don't share well? You've made it work.

4. Chances are, you've started dressing alike without even realizing it.

5. Naturally, you two probably have a lot in common...

6. ...but it still means a lot when they go out of their way to share your interests.

7. The bathroom, once a private place, is less private now.

8. MUCH less private.

9. When your spouse is your best friend, not even procrastination feels like a waste of time if you're doing it together.

10. You might even leave each other notes around the house, but not all of them are proclamations of love.

11. There's nothing you wouldn't do for one another.

12. Although you have to admit, being married to your best friend can be pretty annoying sometimes.

13. They'll test your patience and your resolve.

14. And the two of you will need to find creative ways to cope with the stress.

15. But at the end of day, you're grateful.

16. You struggle to imagine where you'd be in life if you didn't marry this person.

17. The things you once enjoyed doing just aren't as fun when your spouse isn't around.

18. And when they are around, you create your own fun.

19. Because when you're married to your best friend, life is good.