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19 Wholesome Things You'll Never Understand If You're Not Married To Your Best Friend

"Stop pooping. I miss you."

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1. When your spouse is your best friend, you share everything.

u/dowagerviolet / Via

2. Okay maybe not everything, but most things...

u/bizcat / Via

3. ...and the things you don't share well? You've made it work.

u/The_Angry_Uterus / Via

4. Chances are, you've started dressing alike without even realizing it.

u/jaskmackey / Via

5. Naturally, you two probably have a lot in common...

u/stueytaytay / Via

6. ...but it still means a lot when they go out of their way to share your interests.

u/Elmo_the_Teletubby / Via

7. The bathroom, once a private place, is less private now.

u/ModernMonk / Via

8. MUCH less private.

u/Mournhold / Via

9. When your spouse is your best friend, not even procrastination feels like a waste of time if you're doing it together.

@TPAIN / Via Twitter: @TPAIN

10. You might even leave each other notes around the house, but not all of them are proclamations of love.

u/adyeardley / Via

11. There's nothing you wouldn't do for one another.

u/Homosapiens1 / Via

12. Although you have to admit, being married to your best friend can be pretty annoying sometimes.

u/devolvxr / Via

13. They'll test your patience and your resolve.

u/amosfargus / Via

14. And the two of you will need to find creative ways to cope with the stress.

u/mendicant / Via

15. But at the end of day, you're grateful.

u/HolyBreakfast / Via

16. You struggle to imagine where you'd be in life if you didn't marry this person.

@alanalda / Via Twitter: @alanalda

17. The things you once enjoyed doing just aren't as fun when your spouse isn't around.

u/Amberlynn585 / Via

18. And when they are around, you create your own fun.

u/spikeypeach / Via

19. Because when you're married to your best friend, life is good.

@quinc____ / Via Twitter: @quinc____

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