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19 Sickos Who Belong In Jail

These people are extremely dangerous.

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1. This disgusting admission:

u/bhabs02 / Via

2. This absolute monster:

@Iazyboy / Via Twitter: @Iazyboy

3. This disturbed student:

u/Domsome / Via

4. This act of aggression:

@_the_blessedone / Via Twitter: @_the_blessedone

5. This fraud:

Guy lives next to airport. Painted this on roof to confuse passengers as they fly overhead. He lives in Milwaukee.

6. And this charlatan:

@thisstuartlaws / Via Twitter: @thisstuartlaws

7. This destructive vandal:

u/TreeFace2 / Via

8. This unhinged criminal:

9. Brian Best:

u/rgauci5800 / Via

10. This unnatural behavior:

u/Evolations / Via

11. This sadistic prankster:

u/White_cat22 / Via

12. This disturbing barbarian:

u/jack678954 / Via

13. This strange conduct:

u/otakuneko23 / Via

14. These rowdy boys:

@RossyEvrard / Via Twitter: @RossyEvrard

15. This shameless deception:

u/Middle-Liddle / Via

16. This frightening act:

u/bobby104402 / Via

17. These hooligans:

18. This dangerous disregard for the rules:

19. And this person, who doesn't have a shred of decency:

u/President_Cole / Via

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