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    15 Things You'll Never Understand If You've Never Lived Near A Great Lake

    Pass me a pop.

    1. Apocalyptically low temperatures are, unfortunately, all too familiar to you.

    Mark Torregrossa / / Via Facebook: mlive

    2. But you have..."strategies" for dealing with that.

    u/TheRealBubby / Via

    3. Speaking of winter, you're prepared for just about anything between October and May.

    u/corlob10 / Via

    4. Two words: Lake Effect.

    5. But somehow, despite numerous feet of snow, you always manage to make the best of it.

    6. You take great pride in your ability to withstand anything the lakes throw at you. In fact, you thrive.

    7. You know what doesn't thrive? The roads. There are potholes everywhere.

    u/jhenry64 / Via

    8. And even when it feels like it won't, summer does ultimately roll around, and you take full advantage of it.

    9. Does your family own a lake house? A family friend? A friend of a friend? A friend of a friend's neighbor? Either way, you've enjoyed a lake house in your day.

    Tryna marry into a family with a lake house hookup

    10. The same is true for boats.

    u/MrFruitDealer / Via

    11. Your drug of choice? Tim Hortons, obviously.

    u/IHaeTypos / Via

    12. You're not even sure which radio stations are American and which are Canadian.

    u/SaveGarrett / Via

    13. There must be something in Great Lake water, because the "sorry" epidemic is killing us.

    u/Mad_Dog_69 / Via

    14. And you're damn proud of your lake! "Great" doesn't really do justice to these immense bodies of water.

    Hdalrymplephotography / Getty Images

    15. Oh, and one last thing: It's "pop," not soda.

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