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    23 People Who Have No Idea How Facebook Works

    "I want to log in to Facebook." H/T /r/oldpeoplefacebook

    1. This person who's asking Dairy Queen all the wrong questions.

    2. Dale, who wasn't born in 2014.

    3. This person who just discovered this really great website.

    4. This aspiring walker.

    5. Charlie, who needs to buy apes โ€” I mean grapes.

    6. Nan, who just wants to let you know the tea is ready.

    7. This person who's trying to log in.

    8. Debbie and Rich, who are very proud of Kevin.

    9. This helpful and concerned dad.

    10. Dee, who is trying to like ESL.

    11. This person who's fed up with Wendy's.

    12. Betty, who's hoping Tesco will be more appreciative.

    13. This person in search of their father.

    14. And this grandparent in search of their grandson.

    15. Phil, who can't find the bread at Coles.

    16. This oblivious accidental tagger.

    17. And this frustrated accidental tagger.

    18. Annie, who really needs someone to read German for her.

    19. Moe, who's getting a bit nostalgic with this Encyclopedia.

    20. Denise, who's emphatic about her good-morning messages to Chick-fil-A.

    21. Frank, who has a lot to share with Dole.

    22. This insistent complimenter.

    23. This grandma who may or may not be Grandmaster Flash.

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