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    17 Smart Father's Day Gifts For Your Tech-Obsessed Dad

    These are gifts for the 21st century dad.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what gadgets are perfect for dads. What follows are 17 excellent suggestions for Father's Day gifts.

    1. Beer Head Enhancer for the dad who really loves a nice, cold brew and who's always chasing perfection:

    2. Tile Mate Key/Phone/Anything Finder for that dad who keeps misplacing his things:

    3. Digital Tape Measure for the handy dad who could use some new tools:

    4. Behmor Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker for the dad who loves his coffee:

    5. Electric Tea Maker and Loose Leaf Tea Infuser for the dad who doesn't drink coffee:

    6. Nuheara Iqbuds Intelligent Wireless Earbuds for the dad who love his music and can't hear what you're saying:

    7. Orbit Wallet for the dad who wants to be ready for anything.

    8. Digital Photo Frame for the dad with grandchildren:

    9. PopSockets for the dad who could use a better grip on his phone or tablet.

    10. Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat for the dad who doesn't want you to touch the thermostat:

    11. BBQ Thermometer for the dad who loves to BBQ but who also loves to relax:

    12. Amazon Echo for the dad who aspires to control everything in his home through voice command:

    13. Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity for the dad who's obsessed with his dental hygiene:

    14. Car Adapter that offers detailed engine diagnostic updates and crash detection for the dad who's obsessed with his car:

    15. Fitbit Charge 2 for the competitive dad who's fit or wants to get fit:

    16. Showerhead with a built-in wireless speaker for the dad who wants backup vocals when he's singing in the shower:

    17. App-Controlled Cocktail Mixing set for dads who loves to entertain guests:

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