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It Isn't Too Late For The Academy To Give "Face/Off" A Best Picture Nomination

It's like looking in a mirror. Only... not.

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Stop whatever you're doing right now. We have an extremely important matter to discuss.

As I'm sure you know, Oscars season is upon us once more. It's a time for celebrating cinema and all the stars who make it possible — all the memories, all the glamor!

But it's impossible to talk about the Oscars without also acknowledging the elephant in the room...


With a running time of a little over three hours, Titanic somehow fails to include two larger-than-life nemeses who are forced to walk a mile in each other's shoes as a result of a radically experimental surgery in which their faces are quite literally removed and swapped — IDK, LAST I CHECKED.


Face/Off, on the other hand, has it all. It truly is a slice of life.


All I'm asking for — and it isn't a lot — is a Best Picture nomination at the upcoming 89th Academy Awards later this month.