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17 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About "DOOM"

In celebration of the newest DOOM installment, which came out on May 13.

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3. The Evil Dead influence: There's a plot surrounding a demon invasion, the chainsaw is a playable weapon, and the original cover is very similar to the cover of the third Evil Dead installment, Army of Darkness.

4. According to John Carmack, the game's title was taken from the Tom Cruise and Paul Newman film, The Color of Money.

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Moselle: What you got in there?

Vincent Lauria: In here?

[Opens case to reveal pool cue; smiles widely]

Vincent Lauria: Doom.


11. In a Season 16 episode of The Simpsons titled, "Midnight Rx," Homer goes to see a job consultant who's playing DOOM.

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We hear, "You have defeated the doombot and sealed the portal. Phobos is safe." Phobos is an actual moon of Mars. It's also the setting of the first episode in the original DOOM titled, "Knee-Deep in the Dead." However, "doombots" aren't an enemy that appear in the DOOM franchise.


14. In 1995, due to the popularity of the game and to promote Windows 95, Bill Gates superimposed himself into DOOM and killed a demon with a shotgun.

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15. DOOM was originally supposed to use a "player lives" system where, when you run out of lives, you are forced to start over. They decided it would be too frustrating and opted instead for a save/load system.

17. And in January 2016, John Romero tweeted out a link to a brand new level he designed as part of the original DOOM that can be downloaded and played for free.

It's been 21 years since I made a DOOM level. Here's my version of E1M8 using DOOM1.WAD.