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    Today Is The 31st Anniversary Of The Detention In "The Breakfast Club"

    Don't you forget about it.

    In February of 1985, a movie was released that would forever change the way we look at detention.

    A&M Films / Channel Productions

    When five angst-y teens with very little in common are forced to serve a Saturday detention together, they create bonds that are sure to last a lifetime.

    A&M Films / Channel Productions

    All while looking and being awesome.

    The date of that detention: March 24th, 1984.

    A&M Films / Channel Productions

    The Breakfast Club has certainly left its mark on popular culture. Today is a day we must all acknowledge. Don't forget it. ♪ Don't Don't Don't Don't ♪

    A&M Films / Channel Productions

    This year is also the 30th Anniversary of the release of The Breakfast Club. Feel old yet?

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