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Cut The Bullshit, "Die Hard" Is Absolutely A Christmas Movie

Let's settle this once and for all.

Come hither, gather 'round the hearth.

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It's that time of year again, the time when we quarrel over our favorite Alan Rickman Christmas film.


RIP, you brilliant and wonderful man.

No, friends, I'm not talking about Love Actually. I'm talking about the timeless Christmas classic, Die Hard.

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Despite protestations to the contrary, Die Hard is, in fact, a Christmas movie, and it begins the way many great Christmas movies do...

John, a quirky and lovable father, flies across the country to reconcile with his ex-wife and two children on Christmas Eve.

Gordon Company / Silver Pictures

John wants to make the right impression and, as estranged fathers tend to do on Christmas, he buys an oversized stuffed bear.

Gordon Company / Silver Pictures

John goes straight from the airport to his ex-wife Holly's office Christmas party in the hopes that they'll have a Hallmark moment (yes, her name is Holly).

Kmonroe2 / Getty / Gordon Company / Silver Pictures

The movie isn't just set on Christmas Eve. It literally takes place at a Christmas party.

John doesn't exactly get the warm welcome he was expecting. Can't they put their differences behind them in the spirit of Christmas?!

Gordon Company / Silver Pictures

Then German terrorists show up and take everybody hostage — presumably the reason people try to rob Die Hard of its Christmas credentials.

Gordon Company / Silver Pictures

But what basically ensues is a version of Home Alone where death exists.

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And guess who discovers the importance of family unity just in time for Christmas?

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Unconventional? Sure. Not a Christmas movie? Who's to say? Die Hard, after all, is a heartwarming film about a Dad who saves Christmas.

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Yippee ki-yay and a have a Happy New Year.

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So how about it? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
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    Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie!

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