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25 Pictures Of Food That Are Borderline Erotic

Warning: perfect foods ahead.

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1. This incredibly satisfying stack of gummy bears:

Instagram: @witenry

2. This carrot rainbow:

3. Everything about these rosy cupcakes:

Instagram: @karleeskupcakes

4. This gradient of farm fresh eggs:

5. This cookie jar, and you'd better not touch it:

6. This pyramid made of M&M's:

7. This 8-bit avocado:

8. This rind-less watermelon:

9. This Starburst hot dog:

11. This beautiful smoothie, mid-blend:

12. This masterfully decorated cake:

13. The inside of the Jelly Belly factory:

14. This picture-perfect tomato stem:

15. This cartoon-looking egg:

16. This produce section:

17. This color-coordinated bottle display:

18. This damn fine soft-serve:

19. This blindingly beautiful onion:

20. This sweet, sweet honeycomb:

22. The surface of this ice cream:

23. These Tetris tater tots:

24. These peeled pomegranates:

25. And this fluffy, oozing pyramid of pancakes:

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