24 Confusing-As-Hell Photos That Will Make You Squint At Your Screen

    *Squints at screen*

    1. Rest assured, this fisherman does have legs and he's not just floating.

    2. This horse girl isn't a horse girl.

    3. This guy doesn't have hands for feet. He merely has hands for hands.

    4. This man is simply wearing a suit that's the exact same color as his chair. He doesn't just have weird shoulders.

    5. This man is NOT photographing his bare butt.

    6. This dog ISN'T sticking his paw in another dog's butt either, ok?

    7. This gentleman isn't stuffing his hand down the front of his friend's pants.

    8. This girl has a stripe running down the side of her pants — not two very small legs.

    9. This man is not wearing a breathtaking wedding dress.

    10. This is a broken car antenna and NOT a partially sunken ship.

    11. Unfortunately, Tim Duncan is not caressing this man's neck and whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

    12. This car is not actually parked on top of this skateboard, believe it or not.

    13. Contrary to appearances, this building is actually three-dimensional.

    14. This is not a photo of a giant cat; it's a photo of a regular-sized cat.

    15. And this horse only has one head.

    16. This is not a really long dog.

    17. This is not a child with a giant body.

    18. This hand is attached to an arm, which is attached to a person who's just out of sight — it's gotta be.

    19. These shirts only look like a terrifying face.

    20. This is just a man and his dog. That's all.

    21. This — believe it or not — is a clothes iron, not a cruise ship.

    22. This man does not have one tiny arm.

    23. There is only one man in this car.

    24. And this woman made an honest and understandable mistake.