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19 Times Buffalo Bills Fans Lost Their Minds In 2015

No one circles the wagons.

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1. When they gave Santa a chokeslam through a table:

3. When they had fun with shopping carts:

4. When this dude screwed up the RKO of Tom Brady:


5. When this guy executed the perfect backflip:

@Deadspin @espn @WORLDSTAR @buffalobills @TheBuffaloNews BUFFALO BILLS FANS ARE THE DRUNKEST FANS

6. When they performed their standard traditions:

Instagram: @barstool_sports

11. When these guys got creative with their signs:

12. When this woman wore a thong outside her pants — to support the team:

@barstoolsports @stoolpresidente #BillsMafia classy as hell at the Titans game #reversesmokeshow


13. When these guys partied too hard BEFORE the game:

14. When the fans decided they didn't need their table anymore...

...@barstoolsports @Deadspin #BillsMafia did it again

15. ...or this table...

This week in #BillsMafia vs. plastic tables (from TNF at MetLife) cc: @BuffRumblings @Deadspin

16. ...or that table...

Bills fans are crazy where ever we go #billsmafia


17. When this dude used his teeth as a can opener:

#billsmafia savage bites the entire top off his beer can before pounding it

18. When this guy took a nap under his seats:

Yes there is a man under that bleacher #FirstBillsGame #BillsMafia @barstoolsports

19. And when they stopped traffic with their butts:

@dkane322 @bustedcoverage you missed this leaving stadium