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    Jul 29, 2014

    26 Cats Standing Up For World Domination

    Get up. Stand up. Stand up if you're a cat.

    It begins with a purpose.

    1. Whether that purpose is hunger.

    2. "Feed me."

    3. "Hold it lower."

    4. "Wussat?"

    5. Or to enter a battle stance.

    6. "Put your dukes up."

    7. Or to get a better look at what's over there.

    8. "Wussat?"

    9. "Lemme see."

    10. "Lemme see."

    11. "Lemme see that."

    12. "You see that?"

    13. "Lemme see."

    14. "Just peepin'."

    15. "Wussat?"

    16. *Casually looks out window*

    17. But if we're not careful...

    18. ...eventually...

    19. ...they'll start acting like people.

    20. "What else is on?"

    21. "Turn on the television, human."

    22. Once that happens, there will be no stopping them.

    23. *Stares into your soul*

    24. "Sit down, human. Do not be afraid."

    25. *Acts casual*

    26. "What's everyone looking at?"

    Rise of the planet of the cats.

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