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    18 Bathrooms That Are Straight-Up Living In 3019... BCE

    These bathrooms are absolute poop!

    1. This toilet seat always looks wet — even when it isn't!

    2. This "private restroom" isn't private at all.

    3. This stall is see-through, which is perfect for people who want other people to see them pooping.

    4. Speaking of see-through, check out this toilet paper.

    5. This toilet seat can't be put down.

    6. This bathroom has a mirrored ceiling for no discernible reason.

    7. This bathroom door wouldn't open, so they cut a hole in it!

    8. This bathroom doubles as a supply closet, making optimal use of all available space.

    9. This toilet paper holder doesn't spin at all. Not even a little!

    10. This stall leaves no room at all for your legs.

    11. This bathroom has its own waiting area with little stools that weren't designed for sitting.

    12. This bathroom has not one, but TWO toilets.

    13. And this bathroom doesn't have any stalls!

    14. This urinal is placed directly in front of this stall's door. Why? I don't know!

    15. The heads on these gender-specific bathroom signs are really, really small.

    16. This cool ramp ensures that everything that falls off the sink lands directly in the toilet.

    17. This bathroom is carpeted — pretty gross, huh?

    18. And finally, this toilet paper is really far away from all the toilets.