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    18 Bathrooms That Are Straight-Up Living In 3019... BCE

    These bathrooms are absolute poop!

    1. This toilet seat always looks wet — even when it isn't!

    u/Jonwyattearp / Via

    2. This "private restroom" isn't private at all.

    u/DenzzS-_- / Via

    3. This stall is see-through, which is perfect for people who want other people to see them pooping.

    u/Shiawase__ / Via

    4. Speaking of see-through, check out this toilet paper.

    u/deoje299 / Via

    5. This toilet seat can't be put down.

    u/alex91s / Via

    6. This bathroom has a mirrored ceiling for no discernible reason.

    u/zorton213 / Via

    7. This bathroom door wouldn't open, so they cut a hole in it!

    u/ssj_dick / Via

    8. This bathroom doubles as a supply closet, making optimal use of all available space.

    u/Doru_andrei17 / Via

    9. This toilet paper holder doesn't spin at all. Not even a little!

    u/afregistry / Via

    10. This stall leaves no room at all for your legs.

    u/jaeklypuff / Via

    11. This bathroom has its own waiting area with little stools that weren't designed for sitting.

    u/TrevorJordan / Via

    12. This bathroom has not one, but TWO toilets.

    u/Flyron-Fist / Via

    13. And this bathroom doesn't have any stalls!

    u/justgarcia31 / Via

    14. This urinal is placed directly in front of this stall's door. Why? I don't know!

    u/Edin_Bar / Via

    15. The heads on these gender-specific bathroom signs are really, really small.

    u/tabnk2 / Via

    16. This cool ramp ensures that everything that falls off the sink lands directly in the toilet.

    u/batataqw89 / Via

    17. This bathroom is carpeted — pretty gross, huh?

    u/spicycheese666 / Via

    18. And finally, this toilet paper is really far away from all the toilets.

    u/bogus594 / Via

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