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It's Almost 2020, So Here Are The Funniest Autocorrect Fails Of The Decade


As 2020 approaches, we're nearing the end of a decade that brought *many* great technological advancements.

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Smart phones, for example, went from being something some people had in 2010 to being something everybody has today.

And you know what smart phones gave us?


1. On January 27, 2011, this mom asked for a response to her boner.

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2. A month later, these parents divorced.

3. Not long after that, Mike took off with his mother's corpse.


4. Rashad was so horny he could've eaten a dong — that was in November.


5. And this person's diploma was inside their mother's anus.

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6. Then, on July 16, 2012, Luke got a little picky about dinner.


7. A few weeks after that, it was bedtime for these two.


8. Then Mom had some truly joyous news about Grandma.


9. And this person got a brand new penis.


10. In 2014, an odd request was made.

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11. Lambchop here asked for a recommendation.

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12. Speaking of sleep, this person has a few strategies.


13. And Chris just couldn't wait for the second date.

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14. Bakagami had a practical reason for wanting to keep the party small.

Apple / damnyouautocorrect

15. Mom and Dad had dinner plans at 7.


16. April had ambitious plans in mind for the weekend.


17. And Charlie was feeling a little lovesick.


18. Then 2015 came along and autocorrect was weaponized.

lol, I changed "no" on my mom and dads phones

19. This person enjoyed a bountiful feast.

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20. And movie night came and went.

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21. Then — a day we'll never forget — Mom had some sad news about Grandpa.


22. In 2016, Jess got in trouble.

23. And Grandma required some assistance.


24. Katie offered some words of encouragement.

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25. And finally, just last year, Jacob and Abby went to the gym.

When auto correct hates you and your relationship

What a glorious decade it's been.


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