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    If You Had Even One Of These 21 Toys, You Celebrated Christmas In The '90s

    "As seen in Home Alone 2 — Lost in New York!"

    1. This disturbingly accurate game of 20 Questions:

    u/yankiwi_ / Via

    2. The Talkboy from Home Alone 2:

    r/nostalgia / Via

    3. And, of course, the Yak Bak:

    u/The2500 / Via

    4. Mouse Trap, which you only played once:

    u/leave_it_to_beavers / Via

    5. These Power Ranger action figures with flippable heads:

    u/STABxWEST / Via

    6. Creepy Crawlers:

    u/JoeCashKOTD / Via

    7. And, obviously, the Easy-Bake Oven:

    u/screamingbacon11 / Via

    8. The electronic Dream Phone game:

    u/khoresh / Via

    9. This orange case full of K'nex:

    u/punkminkis / Via

    10. This Fisher Price castle:

    u / Rexticles / Via

    11. Pogs — lots and lots of Pogs:

    u/gspeller / Via

    12. This disc gun:

    u/SargentPep / Via

    13. This particular set of Jurassic Park toys, complete with removable flesh wounds:

    u/KidsWifeJob / Via

    14. This worm light for your GameBoy:

    u/ModernPixels / Via

    15. A Poo-Chi:

    u/PussyAnalBreath / Via

    16. This Spider-Man Web Slinger toy that you never bought a second can of silly string for:

    u/KappaChinko / Via

    17. Crossfire — if nothing else, you definitely remember the commercials for it:

    u/flyboy2123 / Via

    18. This exact ring toss game:

    u/TylerSGman77 / Via

    19. This washing machine-safe Doodle Bear:

    u/straightblather / Via

    20. These very rudimentary handheld games:

    u/Joey_Adobo / Via

    21. And, of course, Tickle Me Elmo:

    u/defactosithlord / Via

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