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    16 Reasons To Root For The Buffalo Bills In 2015

    Forget everything you know about the Bills.

    1. In 2014, Buffalo had one of the league's most dominant and exciting defenses.

    2. The defensive line is what dreams are made of.

    3. Seriously, all four members of that line made it on NFL Network's Top 100.

    4. Typically, productive seasons are followed by a lot of turnover in personnel. This offseason, Buffalo's defense only lost one member of that elite unit.

    5. To top it all off, they've just acquired the greatest defensive mind in football as their head coach.

    6. And this is his truck.

    7. Their division rivals are the Sith Order of the NFL Empire.

    8. Because thankfully, Donald Trump doesn't own them.

    Even though I refused to pay a ridiculous price for the Buffalo Bills, I would have produced a winner. Now that won’t happen.

    9. And even more thankfully, neither does Bon Jovi.

    The Bills are staying in Buffalo where they belong.

    10. Jim Kelly, the heart and soul of Buffalo, is finally cancer-free.

    11. The additions they've made on offense this offseason are — let's be honest — just plain unfair.

    12. Buffalo's Athletes > Your Athletes

    13. Because they have Sammy Watkins, one of the league's most exciting young talents and — that's right — the best wide receiver in his draft class.

    This guy knows what I'm talking about.

    14. Revis Island is landlocked in his presence.

    @nfl REVIS ISLAND AT THE TOP OF YOUR SCREEN @Revis24 @sammywatkins your lucky uncle Rico was our quarterback this yr

    15. Because Bills fans are the most dedicated fans in the league. Despite experiencing 15 straight years of missing the playoffs, fans have shattered their franchise's 1992 season ticket sale record.

    16. And because in 2015, their playoff drought is coming to an end.

    So you'd better hop on the bandwagon now while there's still room.