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    17 Signs You're Addicted To Uber

    Warning: An Uber addiction can flare up at any point. If you've shared an Uber with a partner without wearing a seat belt... you may already have it.

    1. Hailing a cab is not even an option anymore

    2. And when you see people who do, you're like

    3. You have more fun in the Uber ride than the actual destination

    4. You immediately ask the driver if you can plug in your iPhone and play music

    5. Your night's success depends on if you go home in an Uber SUV

    6. You've texted, Facebooked and tweeted your Uber referral link to everyone you know

    7. You've sucked it up and finally stopped asking your friends to split fares

    8. You've ordered Seamless drunk from an Uber on your way home

    9. You're pissed off when you order an UberX and end up with a minivan

    10. You leave a 5-star review no matter how bad the driver is

    11. Due to surge pricing, you've paid $100+ to go fewer than 7 blocks

    12. You feel like you're playing the lottery when you select Uber Black Car and hope for a Mercedes

    13. The rare times you do take a yellow cab, you always forget to pay

    14. You can identify a car's make and model by its taillights

    15. You've stopped getting into fights with random strangers over cabs

    16. Since all Uber drivers open your door, you expect everyone else to

    17. And most of all, you can't get over how fabulous you feel getting out of one