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Working With Noah Williams

Learn about Noah and my time researching for my midterm.

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I wrote about Noah Williams and his media company for my midterm. He's a junior at UNCC from Winston Salem, North Carolina, majoring in public relations. Noah sticks out thanks to his wardrobe. He is the only guy I know who wears denim jeans, a button down, loafers and a blazer when he's on campus. Even his athleisure outfits are well-tailored and stylish. When you have a semester-long blog dedicated to men's fashion, he is someone who should be studied.

I checked out his blog once and I really enjoyed reading his posts. He wrote about everything guys would wear. One post about Vineyard Vines and another one was about Polo Ralph Lauren. He knew a lot about these brands since they make up the majority of his wardrobe.

When I read the rubric for our midterm I struggled about what, or who, to write about. After some critical thinking, I decided to write about Noah. However, I needed an angle, so I chose to incorporate his line of work. In addition to his unique wardrobe, he also has a unique job as the operator of his personal media company. By working for a media company he takes a bunch of pictures. He'll shoot magazine covers, himself (to show-off other designers' works) and weddings.

For my feature story I focused on his work as a wedding photographer. He makes decent money as one, but it varies since the future newly weds have to come to him for his services. Like most writers, I interviewed him face-to-face at his apartment for an hour to get most of the information for my story. Throughout the week, I interviewed another classmate of his and looked at his company's Facebook profile. Around a week later, I finally completed the draft, and can honestly say this was one of my favorite feature stories I've written as a journalism student.

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