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The Famous Patagonia Hat

Patagonia hats are one of the most popular accessories of any undergrad's wardrobe. Their stylish, fashionable, and even adaptable. Disclaimer! I'm wearing one as I write this.

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Let's face it, Patagonia is popular among college undergrads. During the winter, it's easy to spot guys wearing a pullover with a funky pattern, or a classic t-shirt with the brand's iconic logo on it in the spring. But what about Patagonia hats? They're not as funky looking and you can wear them in any season.

But what makes Patagonia hats so popular with college-aged Millennials? Well, for one, they're designed with such simplicity. Most are low-crown hats with a snap back, so they all fall under the one-size-fits-all umbrella. (Versatility!) You can wear them with almost any outfit, and they're a little classier than a fitted cap that the pros wear. But at college, everyone seems to be team Patagonia. They're extremely comfortable and good looking. Patagonia produces hats that come in different colors, which can go with any look you're trying to pull off. Most guys go with either a solid color in blue or grey, but don't be surprised to see someone wearing the one with red, white and blue. America!

From what I remember Patagonia started to become really popular on UNCC's campus my sophomore year. Cue funky pullovers. Most guys wore these or regular zip-up jackets with jeans. However, knowing North Carolina's weather, some guys wore them with shorts, too. But fleece garments made by Patagonia are expensive. Fortunately, hats aren't, and so guys who wanted something from Patagonia didn't have to empty their pockets after they bought them.

Excuse what may sound a little philosophical, but style is contagious. If people see others wearing something and realize they like it, they'll follow suit. So, when a few guys started wearing Patagonia hats in front of thousands of students, you better believe someone said to themselves, "I'm getting one," and Patagonia thanked you!

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