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Beats And Blogs

Here are three beats I find interesting and some blogs associated with them.

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Men's Fashion / Via

Let's face it, a man's wardrobe says a lot about him. You don't have to wear the most expensive clothes to make a statement, but a guy can't just put on anything and go about his day. Think of an outfit as a completed puzzle with each article of clothing being one individual piece. It has to fit together! I've became interested in men's fashion after I read my first GQ magazine. That's when I finally realized that men's fashion is a popular topic amongst, well, everybody. Women can benefit from men's fashion by being designers and stylists. It's something for everyone. A great men's fashion blog is Fashion Beans. This blog offers men a ride array of tips about how different articles of clothing should be worn. Men could come across fashion news, trends, and even collections. Everything a man should know is right there on one blog. When good advice is offered, take it!


365 Car Club / Via

Cars are beautiful works of art that were once ideas in someone's head. A designer draws a sketch, carves and model, and a production team assembles a prototype. However, it is not just what's on the outside that counts. Arguably, the most popular component of a car is its engine. What some people see as a chunk of medal that sometimes makes an obnoxious noise is actually the heart and soul of every vehicle. I've became more interest in cars after working at a local car wash for three years. I've seen every car imaginable, and I appreciate what this device on four wheels can do for people. But it's not just the car itself that makes consumers happy. Car companies unveil future models at events such as the North American International Auto Show and many people get even more excited, especially drivers who find out that cars they once drove will be produce again. Ford Bronco, anyone? One blog that allows car fanatics to access information about cars is autoblog. It's staff is dedicated to ensuring that drivers have an easy time accessing the latest news and reviews about any model.


Matthew Kepnes / Via

Whether it's 500 miles or 50 miles, when you leave the place you call home for another destination you're traveling. However, traveling does not always correspond with vacations. For some people, traveling is a way to pay the bills. Just ask Matthew Kepnes. He started Nomadic Matt, a blog dedicated to traveling. He shares tips about how to save money for a trip, and then how to spend money once you're on that trip. A user-friendly website allows users to navigate the page without any stress. This is a positive since, unfortunately, traveling can be stressful at times. See, it's not always a vacation. I've loved traveling since I've done it my whole life. Ever since I was little, my family would drive all the way to Michigan to visit family. I hated the drive buy loved the scenery. This taught me that there is so much to the world than what we just see on a daily basis.

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