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Adidas' Rise

More and more people are wearing adidas now. What gives?

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Before the Rise

When I was in high school Nike was the go-to brand. Everyone wore it. From sneakers to hoodies, everyone rocked the swoosh, even those teachers who didn't teach P.E. but still wanted to walk around comfortably. The shoes looked good, the logo was (and is) neat and every star athlete at the time was sponsored by either Nike or Jordan Brand. It was the go-to brand for athletes and and non-athletes. Loyalty hit its peak.


Don't get me wrong, Nike is still popular but adidas is now in its rearview. The first article of clothing that gave adidas its well-deserved push was the black soccer pants with the three white stripes running down the side. It got to the point where I even purchased a pair, and was later mistaken as a soccer player by a group of campers. People wore them with everything, even Nikes. These pants were the trailblazer for the joggers everyone wears now.

Next, we have to talk about the sneakers adidas has been releasing lately. To start, Kanye West is a huge contributor for adidas' success right now. If it weren't for him, I would say adidas would still be where it was when I was in high school; not really popular and worn by a few people. West's move from Nike to adidas started a revolution, because the Yeezy x adidas collaboration made his shoes so sought after that online retailers sell out in seconds. Also, counterfeiters are aware of the hype, so don't be surprised if you see someone wearing a fake pair.

Finally, you got to give it up to the boost. Adidas' launch of the Ultra Boost shoe gave sneaker heads a sought after shoe that combined comfort and good looks. At $180 a pair, people think that it's overpriced, however, Nike's latest Air Max model will cost you $190. Luckily, adidas doesn't make any "loud" color ways, so these shoes will go with anything. But aside of the Ultra Boost shoes, the NMD model is now being liked by both men and women. With this said, you can find girls wearing NMDs with yoga pants and guys wearing them with...wait for it...Nike socks. I'm not a fan of mismatching brands, but you're shoes are receiving the looks, not your socks.

There you have it. Adidas' rise was a result of Kanye West's move, stylish sneakers and a pair of pants. Don't get me wrong, some talented athletes are sponsored by the three stripes, but adidas' focus on a new age of affordable streetwear stirred up some commotion that resulted in a new love for the brand.

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