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10 Questions With John Sharpe

UNCC senior John Sharpe answers ten style questions I have for him. Enjoy!

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Sharpe, second from left.

1.How would you describe your style? Khakis. That's my style.

2.Why do you like khakis so much, then? I have fifteen pairs of them, dude. They go with everything. I grew up wearing khakis. It was always a go-to pair of paints. I grew up wearing khakis and a tucked in shirt.

3.How would you describe a typical guy's wardrobe at UNCC? I feel like it's under average. And by that, I mean, it's not really planned out. Most guys don't really plan out what they want to wear. Nothing wrong with that.

4.Why do you think most guys don't plan out their outfits? They're in college. They don't really need to. It's not the first thing on their list of priorities when they wake up.

5.What's one piece of style advice every guy in college should know? Tie a bowtie.

6.Why a bowtie? Because they're classy, man.

7.It's 2017. Should college guys still be classy in today's day and age? Yeah. Classy is one of those terms that never goes out. Yeah it relevant in 2017 to be classy.

8.What is one piece of guy's wardrobe you wish never existed? Damn, that's a good question. I don't think there is anything in the wardrobe that should be taken out because everybody has their own style.

9.What is your favorite brand to wear? Polo Ralph Lauren. The majority of stuff I have I feel like is Polo.

10.What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet? The Patagonia jackets. I love the Patagonia jackets. They look good, feel good, and keep you warm.

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