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10 Questions With Emily Grove

You've met John. Now it's time to meet Emily. She graduated from one of the preppiest schools in North Carolina and cared to answer 10 style questions for me.

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1.You went to Elon. Describe the typical guy's wardrobe there. Polo [or] button down, khakis, crew socks and sperrys.

2. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see that? Pretentious. Douchey. Privileged.

3. Who's one designer every undergrad male should have a piece of clothing of? Nike. Maybe Calvin.

4. It's date night. How should a guy dress? Depends where, but probably a button down and dark pants of some kind, maybe a jacket.

5. Fill in the blank. Every guy should_______? Make sure everything is clean and put together, hair and beard etc. is always well maintained, clothes are clean, not wrinkled.

6. What article of a guy's wardrobe do you wish never existed? Speedo.

7. Are you glad most colleges don't have dress codes? Why? Yes, because there's no need for one, especially in college. You should be able to wear what you're comfortable in.

8. What's the first piece of style advice do you give your son if you have one? To wear clothes that fit your body. Not too big and saggy and not too tight.

9. What's a pair of shoes every guy should own? I guess a pair of loafers.

10. Best dressed celebrity? Why? Future. He's always put together.

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