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15 Things Every St Andrews Student Knows

What is Raisin Monday and the May Dip and how many fashion shows are there?

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3. You know the curse of Patrick Hamilton and that to step on this stone would be sacrilege...

Oli Walker

According to tradition, any student who steps on the PH will be cursed to fail their degree. But we all know curses aren't real anyway...right?

4. But you know all curses and sins with your academic family can be washed away with a refreshing May Dip

Ben Goulter

The only cure for Patrick Hamilton’s curse is to participate in the annual May Dip. At sunrise dawn on the first of May, students make their way down to East Sands and collectively run into the North Sea...of course!

6. You know the start of the year looks like this.

Oli Walker

We love a Pier Walk in red gowns. The first Chapel service and Pier Walk, on the Sunday at the end of Freshers’ Week, is always the busiest and is a great way to end the week before the Martinmass Semester begins.

7. You know the end of the year looks like this.

After final undergraduate exams friends will meet as they leave the location of their exam to shower them with cold water. Because it isn't cold enough in St Andrews, right?

10. You know Raisin Monday has nothing to do with raisins at all.

Raisin Monday dates back hundreds of years but probably looks quite different nowadays. Students are dressed in fancy dress by their academic parents and sent to gather in St Salvator’s Quad for the annual Raisin Monday foam fight.

11. You know that to go to Tesco between 4pm and 8pm is an emotional experience .


You can either queue for what feels like an eternity and witness humanity at its impatient worst. Or you could go to Sainsbury's and run the risk of bumping in to your Professors.

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