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What Your Santa Fantasies Say About You

The internet has been a blaze with an outpouring of fancying sexy Santa, a model named Paul Mason, who works at the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, Canada. It seems that this love affair with Santa is not just limited to Mr. Mason, though as, Santa is a secret fantasy for 20 per cent of women. Below are the top Santa fantasies – and what they could reveal about you:

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1. The bushy grey beard and suave red suit is a fantasy for one in five women around the nation. Maybe it was Santa, or maybe it was Alessandro Manfredini (Google him - you’re welcome), but women around the nation are going crackers for a man that they believe looks wiser and more mysterious. I mean, really, other than the fact that he is an all-round lovely guy that gives out presents, how much do we actually know about the bearded man in red?!

3. You’re being invited to become a member of a secret Christmas blog that’s written for women, penned by Mrs Claus herself – to tell her story (in her own inimitable style). She’s also championing women around the world this Christmas, and looking at all the gifts that the festive season has to offer. Enter the world of Mrs Claus HERE

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