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Are You A Rob Or A Ralph?

We all adore SU Drama's Juilliard power couple, but do you know which of this dynamic gay duo you are? Take the quiz to find out!

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  1. What role do you play in your group of friends?

    I'm the mom, talking friends through their problems and lending a hand where it's needed.
    I'm the head bitch in charge, keeping these messes in line and making sure we're all on time. With love, of course.
  2. Saturday night, 1:00 AM, 1213 Comstock Ave. What are you up to?

    Living it up on the dance floor! There's nothing on my neck shut up.
    In the corner, complaining about having come to Marathon in the first place.
  3. Mid-day break in the Sutton. What are you eating?

    Just some fruit or hummus, I didn't have time to cook.
    Getting table service at Phoebe's, bitches! #imworthit
  4. What kind of boys do you go for?

    I go for the younger, edgier boys.
    I go for the more mature, sophisticated man.
  5. It's tech week, and you're going in Rodney's, Marie's, and Victor's. How are you dealing?

    My yoga practice keeps me in balance and ready to take notes that completely contradict each other.
    My planner has a planner. Every minute is scheduled out, and I'm doing a ... solid ... job of following it. B+, C-.
  6. A freshman asks you to help them with their generals Monologue. Your response?

    Of course! I've got plenty of time. When works for you?
    No way, Jose! That's on you, sorry kid.
  7. Is SU Drama a family or a community?

    I'd like to remind everybody that this is a community, which means that we choose to be a part of it.
    This is one big family! And just as with any family, I do, a little bit, want to kill all of you. With love.
  8. You're in NYC auditioning kiddies at Unifieds. What are you seeing on Broadway on Saturday night?

    Whatever Shakespeare piece is playing right now.
    Is there anything Mamet playing?
  9. No, you silly! This is commercial Broadway theatre! There are tickets for Aladdin, though!

    Ugh, let's just go back to the hotel.
    Hey, it might be fun! Let's just go anyways!
  10. How stressed are you in this actual present moment?

    I'm dying, but trying to hold it all together.
    I'm FINE! I'm fine. Shut up.

Are You A Rob Or A Ralph?

You got: You're a Ralph!

Stoic and commanding, you used to be the Chair of voice and speech at Juilliard! You're usually busy running the show and making sure shit gets done, so you may be less willing than your partner in teaching and in life to let a friend cry on your shoulder. You've usually got a lot to deal with and you're a fearless taskmaster. You went to Harvard?? Who knew!

You're a Ralph!
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You got: You're a Rob!

Soft and sweet on the outside, spicy on the inside. You like to take people in and care for them like a wounded bird. But make no mistake, though you may be the mom of your friends, when someone comes at you, you're gonna clap back. I hear Lanford Wilson had a crush on you!

You're a Rob!
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