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    6 Cases Of Shopping Shenanigans

    Christmas shopping? Survival plan for Black Friday? Prepared for shops fooling you with prank products?

    1. Kitten Printers

    Print your own live kittens claimed KODAK as they skilfully gamble on whether the web likes cats.

    2. Help the big guy lube up

    Santa's lube sounds like a good idea. "Chimney Grease" to use the correct product name.

    3. A bit like chicken, only magic

    Sparkles taste pretty but I fear Firebox's Unicorn Meat will never leave pre-order.

    4. One Higgs Boson, please

    Really the god particle? No! If you look closely you'll see eBuyer are only offering a "Higgs Boson-like". Cheaters.

    5. A Flux Capacitor from DeLorean

    A classic from the DeLorean Motor Company In the past you could order a flux capacitor, part number #18851985, from their online store.

    6. Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass

    Not a new Disney toy but one of Think Geek's many April Fools jokes. They've done this every year since 2001.

    Get Your Revenge!

    View this video on YouTube

    Get your own back and re-prank the stores with some fictional shopping of your own.

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