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Odd Things About Australia

Don’t worry mates, this list isn’t THAT long *cough*. Before you decide to venture in to the great ‘Strayan land to discover these odd things, we suggest you find accommodation such as COMO The Treasury, Perth and perhaps grab some good Perth hotel deals to save you a bit of dough!

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Prime Minister Ale

Australian Times / Via

Bob Hawke, Australia’s Prime Minister was quite popular for sculling a yard glass of ale in less than 12 seconds back in 1954. Apparently, this ‘skill’ was enough to win the hearts of the people (we’re not judging).

Dude, where’s my bat mobile?

Daily Telegraph / Via

Melbourne was once known to be called Batmania. And it’s not because of their apparent love for Christian Bale. Melbourne was once explored by John Batman (not the real batman unfortunately) in 1835 – hence the name.

Pink lake

Hiller Lake Official / Via

Sadly, this lake wasn’t dyed pink to show Australia’s strong support for breast cancer. (Pink) Lake Hillier is due to a certain dye caused by bacteria thriving in the salt crusts of the lake. Cool huh?

Wombat poop


These cute chubby creatures poop in the shape of cubes, usually on logs, rocks or sticks – which is then used to mark their territory! And you thought it was odd how dogs marked their territory!

Snail pace

News Corp Australia / Via

Not the traffic. Australia has dreadfully slow internet download speeds! Which is quite surprising, considering its ‘Australia’? It’s slower than Thailand and Slovakia - GASP!

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