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Fun Things to do in Weligama on a Sri Lankan Beach Holiday

Sun soaked shores, surf-worthy waves and laidback coastal vibes; Weligama is a charming seaside village in Sri Lanka that offers the perfect beach escape. Here are some fun things to do here.

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Watching Stilt Fishermen in Action

Lee / Via

Perched precariously on stilts in the ocean, the stilt fishermen of Weligama are quite a sight to behold and are amongst the most unique things that you can see on your travels. It makes for some unforgettable photos as well.

Chilling on Weligama Beach


A soft sandy shore that’s perfect for just lying by the waves and soaking up the sun, Weligama Beach is a great place to just unwind and watch the world go slowly by. Look to find Weligama accommodation by the beach or nearby so you can begin and end your day in this slice of paradise.

Surfing the Waves

We Escape / Via

The Weligama Beach Brake is ideal for some surfing action for beginners and offers 5 foot waves that can sometimes reach 10 feet as well. Look to stay at places nearby like We Escape so as to get to the beach nice and early and enjoy some alone time with the waves!

Seeing Slithering Serpents

Marcelo Mascareño / Via

This snake farm near Weligama is a great place to go to if you are a “snakeophile” for here you can not only see a fascinating range of snakes from cobras to pythons, but also get to handle some of the non-venomous ones as well. If you suffer from ophidiophobia (google it!) it’s a great place to get over your fears too!

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