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    21 Secrets Caterers Will Never Tell You

    The Party Down crew knows what I'm talking about.

    1. You only get one uniform that comes out of your paycheck and it goes days without being washed.

    2. There's a mutual understanding that catering is just a side gig for everyone.

    3. You know all about your co-worker's next big audition.

    4. And what they're going to do when they're famous.

    5. Your captain is nothing without his loyal crew, but thinks his years of service make him better than everyone.

    6. Your duties may include passing food, setting tables, or babysitting drunk adults.

    7. You and your crew rush to set everything up only to have an hour to kill before guests arrive.

    8. You come to understand that not everyone is going to treat you with respect.

    9. You still don't know the difference between Chardonnay and Riesling.

    10. You make up ingredients for hors d'oeuvres on the spot when you forget what's in them.

    11. You know the appropriate time to sneak an hors d'oeuvre is before heading back into the kitchen.

    12. It doesn't surprise you to find guests making out in the broom closet.

    13. The one time you pull out your phone is the one time your captain catches you.

    14. You're always extremely disappointed upon seeing what your staff meal is.

    15. Bartenders get to enjoy most of the party and most of the tips.

    16. Sternos are quite possibly the deadliest invention known to catering.

    17. The $3 tip at the end of the night goes toward your commute back home.

    18. The best event you can do is a wedding.

    19. And the worst is any event involving kids running around while their parents drink by the bar.

    20. You can't wait for the busy season to be over so you can finally have a day off.

    21. But once that time comes and things are slow, all you can think about is working again.