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    9 Modern TV Shows Reimagined As NES Titles

    Grab your Power Glove and binge on these retro games.

    1. For the creative directing gamer:

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    It's 1960s New York, and you're part of a high-demand advertising firm. Collect coins, argue with clients, and have affairs to reveal the true story behind Don Draper's past.

    2. For the post-college gamer:

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    In this exciting adventure, you can play as either Abbi or Ilana and travel through the big city dodging enemies and responsibilities. Collect power-ups and take power naps to get to the final boss.

    3. For the GoldenEye nerds:

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    You play as an international spy whose only real motivation is a lifestyle full of women, alcohol, and action. Increase your kill rate and escape the danger zone with your impressive espionage skills.

    4. For the survival horror fans:

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    The main objective in this thriller is to not get eaten by a horde of zombies. However, once all three lives are spent, you take control of an animated corpse and try to eat as many human guts as you can, which adds a lot of replay value.

    5. For the music enthusiasts:

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    Being the CEO of an entertainment company isn't easy, especially when everyone is gunning for your spot. Fend off malicious suitors and overcome intense family drama in this adventure title.

    6. For those who love detective stories:

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    You play as detective Jake Peralta in this action-packed game. Fight your way through multiple side-scrolling levels and defeat your worst enemies, such as brown-hair guy and ponytail lady.

    7. For platformer lovers:

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    Choose one of five characters to assemble burgers while also dodging health inspectors and your nemesis, Jimmy Pesto. Gain bonus points by touching butts and collecting signature burgers such as the Bohemian Radishy Burger and Thank God It's Fried Egg Burger.

    8. For fans looking for a bit of reality:

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    After discovering a new outside world other than the bunker you've been living in for 15 years, you set your eyes on the Big Apple. Venture through the city streets and try to survive as an adult, but remember, age doesn't matter and you can die at any time.

    9. And for those who want to conquer an RPG world:

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    In this fantasy epic, you can choose one of seven kingdoms to control. Use an army, various skilled swordsmen, or even dragons to aid you in your journey. Will you pick the noble and honest way, or will you stab your allies in the back to reach the Iron Throne?

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