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We Watch Wrestling And That's Okay

What does "You do realize it's fake" and "That's for kids" have in common? Those are the words I hear on a daily basis when I try to enjoy wrestling, and I'm here to explain that watching wrestling is okay.

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Yes, this is my first time.


Let's get this out of the way. I haven't ever written an article before and it will clearly show. I will do my best to keep it all clear and coherent. As a wrestling fan I want to make sure non-wrestling people understand what I'm trying to get across by the end.

I have been watching wrestling all my life.


I've been a wrestling fan since I was a super young kid. I used to look up to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and pretend that I was him giving my opponents "The Rock Bottom" and "The People's Elbow." It's been a big part of my life and I got back into it at the end of 2010 and enjoy it just as much even if it's..... Fake GASP

But isn't most stuff?


Let's be honest with ourselves, most of the televised products we watch are......Fake Gasp. Honestly, I can't wrap my head around it. If you aren't interested in wresting, I get it. If you can't get into it, I get it. Too violent, I get it. Fake.....? That's where I don't get it.

Sorry but we watch fake things.


That paragraph title isn't lying, most of the programs we watch on TV are indeed fake and if you didn't know that, well now you do and I'm sorry for ruining your life. Walking Dead is about surviving the zombie apocalypse, Game of Thrones has multiple things in it that are straight up fiction, Harry Potter is filled with magic, and there is NO WAY a story about how you met your kids' mother could ever be that long. So unless you literally watch nothing but real programs or the news is your life, you can't use this argument.

"It's not that it's fake, they just pretend that it's real."


If this is your argument....No....No....No, they don't. If you honestly think that they pretend to be real then you're on the lowest level of wrong. They have a character who is basically a dead guy summoned once a year to wrestle, one legend who eats worms, wrestling cheerleaders, a guy who is just a crazy bearded man who says bizarre and interesting stuff, a guy who thinks he's a snake, this amazing woman who gives hugs, some guy that can play a mean air guitar, a legend whose best friend is a sock, there was a guy whose hand was a snake and could be charmed, a lephrachuan who won the ability to talk from Santa, and finally a guy who gains powers once he paints himself as a demon. They don't give you any reason to think this is real in the slightest. Honestly, I think what you meant to say was that they don't break character because they don't for the most part but when they do it's hilarious or sometimes sweet

Now that we understand that part of wrestling, the next part is to understand why we fans love it.

World Wrestling Entertainment / Via

Well it's a TV show. Why do you like any TV show? The reason I stay is because it's compelling and the stories are great. The matches they do make stories and personalities. It's not about two guys hitting each other, these are characters making art. The guys above were in arguably the best rivalry of 2016 in WWE. I'll make this short, these two were best friends until Kevin Owens (right) attacked Sami Zayn (left). Kevin was jealous that his best friend got to the WWE before he did and Kevin wanted to make it known that he didn't need him. For awhile they had been fighting each other and the last match was to end this feud that lasted years. The match was gorgeous and it ended with Sami using his finisher on his former best friend, looking him in the eyes, realizing this man that he is holding betrayed years of friendships and ruined his life, and he kicks him again ending his grudge with Kevin Owens

The only real way to show how wrestling works as a TV show is to start with the story of this man, Daniel Bryan

WWE / Via

(This part got accidentally deleted but I fixed it in editing) Daniel Bryan was already a legend in other smaller wrestling companies but when he moved to WWE he was still the new guy. He competed in the developmental stage of WWE called NXT and when he finished he was fed up with how they treated him and the new guys. He and the other new guys of NXT formed a team called The Nexus but was kicked out and fired the next day for being too aggressive. He made his return months later to help stop the group he helped create and was victorious. Daniel went on to win the United States championship and later won an opportunity to face the world champion whenever he wanted, which was also successful. Once he did earn the title he became greedy, grew an ego, and got addicted to saying the word YES (sometimes NO) over and over which led to his defeat in a match lasting 18 seconds. This lost forced him to go to anger management class with the Devil's Favorite Demon, Kane who was there because he had an addiction to setting people on fire and Pete Rose (Yeah wrestling is weird). Daniel and Kane grew a bond after realizing that they both liked to hurt people and to hug out all their problems. They called themselves "Team Hell No" and won the tag team titles. when they went their separate ways, Daniel was picked by the fans to face John Cena for the world title and he won BIG, but was screwed out of the title by Randy Orton and The Authority which would start a good long feud. A lot of success went to Daniel until he got serious injuries leaving him to end his career in the WWE early. Daniel didn't stop there, he was so loved that he became the onscreen general manager for Smackdown Live and was now the boss of his former teacher The Miz. Even though Miz is now just an employee to Daniel, The Miz with his wife Maryse still try to cause him pain no matter what and does everything in his power to make his job difficult, just like he did when Daniel was a rookie.

What happened to Daniel?

Well that's the thing. Wrestling doesn't ever technically end and right now Daniel is still being taunted by Miz (as of me typing this). Does he give up, do the doctors clear him to compete one last time against his former teacher, what? Well there you go, that's why we watch. You want to know what happens, you care for these characters, you want that underdog to succeed, sometimes you love the villain. Either way, that's wrestling. Wrestling is watching Jon Snow beat Ramsey Bolton. Wrestling is Negan destroying Rick's hope until he finally gets back up. Wrestling is fiction but that doesn't mean it's nothing. Wrestling is Anime

I will never be an Anime fan

I am not a fan of anime and may never be and sometimes anime is dumb to me but anime isn't just this one show or this other show. There is a lot of anime out there, just like wrestling and just because i'm not a fan doesn't mean it's dumb or doesn't have a fanbase. Anime isn't nothing like wrestling isn't nothing. I respect people who make anime just as much as I respect the guys who do get hurt for our entertainment in wrestling.


We all have likes in this world and whatever makes us happy should make us happy as long as it's legal and nobody is being ruined by it. I don't like football and I don't like basketball. I don't enjoy many different things in this world but as long as we don't let it consume us and people like it, why does it matter what I hate? Connor "The Crusher" Michalek and Elijah "Drax Shadow" Mainville were sick kids that just wanted to enjoy wrestling while they were alive and WWE gave them the chance before they passed. Are they dumb for finding their last bit of joy in wresting? I didn't think so either. Just a thing to think about when you watch your favorite shows or maybe even wrestling.

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