Andrew M.
I'd rather you get to know me in person than fabricate an opinion based on what I put here. What you need to know: I am 21 I live in Fredericton, NB I am a student potter at NBCCD
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  • Brokencyde Arrested - Charges Include Child Pornography

    Crunkcore quartet Brokencyde were arrested in New Mexico and are facing drug, rape, and child pornography charges. “Upon entering the vehicle, the patrolman immediately smelled marijuana, and smoke was apparently visible in the cabin.” said an officer today who then went on to say “A member of the band was with a female passenger, later discovered to be at the age of 14.” The police also went on to find various drugs, including: marijuana, cocaine, and LSD; It doesn’t end there. The police also searched a laptop found in the bus to find hundreds of pictures of members of the band engaging in sexual intercourse with young women who appear to be well under the age of 18. Everyone on board the bus was arrested and sent to the local city jail.

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