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    • andrewl81

      Four enclosed malls were built in the Toledo area over the year. Three of them have closed. Two of them are previewed in this list. The other closed mall, Southwyck, was torn down in 2009. The mall that is still open, Franklin Park, is large and thriving. The reason for this was because the owners kept it up to date and full of stores, something which can’t be said for the other malls in the area. The Woodville Mall’s problems started back when it was built. Constructed in 1969, it was the first mall in the area. Its location was chosen because the developers expected large population growth on that side of the metro area that never really materialized. It also suffered from a lack of updates - its only major renovation was in 1987, obvious from the pastel color choices. Franklin Park opened in 1971 in a prime location. It has been remodeled, expanded several times, and always fills vacancies. Southwyck opened in 1972 on a very busy road, which should be a great location for a mall, but it was a bit of a drive from any interstate exit. The owners of this mall screwed it six ways from Sunday in its later years of operation. Security was poor and the place was maintained on the cheap. It did not receive much needed renovations. North Towne was built in 1980 in the more industrial northern section of Toledo. It was built rather close, relatively speaking, to Franklin Park. It used to draw shoppers from bordering southern Michigan, but the city of Monroe got a mall in 1988 that stymied that flow.  The flavor-of-the-month outdoor lifestyle centers opened in the southern suburbs in 2004 and 2007 only further cemented the other area malls’ fates.

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