When Rick Santorum’s Kids Came Under Political Fire

It’s almost forgotten now, but the education of the children of Rick Santorum became a major campaign issue in his failed 2006 re-election bid for the Senate. Santorum’s children, while residing in Virginia, from 2001 and 2004, attended a Pennsylvania cyber charter school, which left taxpayers with a bill in excess of $100,000 dollars. Santorum, who campaigned heavily in his first congressional race against his opponent living in Virginia, was accused of hypocrisy. Santorum responded to attacks by releasing a ad, featuring his children, entitled “Important Job,” to defend himself. Santorum made the case that since he paid taxes to Pennsylvania, his children were entitled to services there.

“The woman who complained about me, I wonder why that is. It’s just a curious bias of the media right now. It’s wonderful, one person says something negative and the media rushes and covers it. Wonderful balanced media that I love in this community.”

Rick Santorum’s 2006 ad “Important Job.”

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