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Trump: Bernie Sanders Looked Like "A Little Frightened Puppy" Next To BLM Protesters

"This is not what you want as your president."

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Donald Trump says Bernie Sanders appeared to be a "little frightened puppy" on Saturday when Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted his rally in Seattle.

For Sanders, it was the second time one of his campaign events was interrupted by the activists. The first occurred at the Netroots Nation gathering in Phoenix last month.

"I think it's so ridiculous, I thought it was a disgrace the way they treated Bernie Sanders, and frankly I thought he handled it very poorly," Trump said on the Jeff Kuhner Show on Wednesday. "He was weak and he was ineffective and I thought it was a disgrace the way they just went up there and took it over and they should be ashamed of themselves and he should be ashamed of himself frankly, for allowing that to happen."

The Donald said he would let his security pull the protesters off stage if they tried to interrupt his event.

"I will tell you that security will not have them on the stage very long, that's true," Trump said. "Of course I'll have security - I'll have them taken off the stage. I think it's ridiculous and that's what Bernie Sanders should of done. It was - he looked like a little, frightened puppy back there and it was ridiculous. This is not what you want as your president."

Here's the audio:

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