The 8 Best Edits To Wikipedia From A CIA IP Address

Three different Wikipedia IP addresses return as belonging to the CIA server. The CIA declined to comment.

1. Roger Ebert

The News-Gazette, Robert K. O’Daniell, File / AP

A 2005 edit was made to note “Ebert’s interest in journalism began in his teens. As a high school student, he was a sports writer for ‘The News-Gazette’ in Champaign, Illinois, and in his senior year he was co-editor of his high school newspaper, ‘The Echo.’”

2. Albert Haynesworth

A 2010 edit was made to note “during the 2010 season Haynesworth had a career low 13 tackles and just 2.5 sacks in 8 games (averaging about $500,000 per tackle).”

3. The Beatles Discography

A 2006 edit was made to add the section about the “Magical Mystery Tour.”

4. Star Trek Character Kathryn Janeway

Seven extensive edits were made in 2007 to an article on Star Trek character Kathryn Janeway.

5. The Simpsons Ride

A 2011 edit was made to note that during the The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios, “the family refuses, except for Homer who gets into the car, stating that he waiting in line for hours and is going to ride no matter what, at which point the family unwillingly gets on board.”

6. “Boob” Changed to “Bob” on KFJC Radio Article

An 2007 edit on an article about college radio station KFJC changed the name of the music director from Boob Gibson to Bob Gibson. The editor described the edit as “(boob -> bob).”

7. Robert Duval

A 2007 edit added a bit more specificity to the location of Robert Duvall’s Virginia home.

8. Betty White

An edit made in 2010 fixed a typo on an article about Betty White.

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