The Dangers Of Tweeting From Your Boss’s Account

When your account is linked to your boss, be extra careful on Twitter — especially when he or she is a member of Congress. (All deleted tweets via Politiwoops)

Raul Labrador fired his spokesman for accidentally sending this tweet.

A member of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s staff seemed to accidentally link to the video “HE’S THE COMPUTER MAN” with the tweet below.

It linked to this awesome video.

A member of Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s staff seemed to RT, then deleted a dig at BuzzFeed by the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson.

A member of Senator Dan Coat’s staff accidentally tweeted a link to a C-SPAN screenshot that said “Just Plain Dick” from his account.

Oops, that’s Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s phone number.

Who doesn’t like a good Mayans joke?

I guess the Congressman did not mean to RT Alyssa Milano.

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