Six Times Barack Obama Said He Would Reform Immigration

Mitt Romney finds himself trailing President Obama by a wide margin among Latino voters, and his campaign has done little outreach to the Hispanic community. Romney’s best bet: To highlight the Obama’s unfilled promises to fix America’s immigration system.

1. Obama in 2008: We need to reform immigration by the end of my first term.

2. Obama in 2008: We need immigration reform that will secure our borders.

3. Obama in 2008: We’ve got to have a fair system of immigration and that is something I attend to achieve by the end of my first term as President.

4. Obama in 2008: Growth in Latin America beings with comprehensive immigration reform here at home.

5. Obama in 2008: We need comprehensive reform…that’s a policy I’m going to change when I’m President.

6. Obama in 2008: I will be an advocate for immigration reform “even if it’s politically tough.”

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