Six Democrats Who Misinterpreted Romney’s Remarks On Arizona’s Immigration Law

Democrats including Harry Reid and President Obama have claimed Mitt Romney said Arizona’s tough immigration law SB1070 was a “model” for immigration reform. But he didn’t actually say that. A review of Romney’s remarks in question show he was referring to only one portion of the law, E-Verify, as a model for the nation.

Romney’s remark saying E-Verify is a model for the nation.


President Obama


Rep. Charlie Gonzalez

“Gov. Romney has actually (said) — while he was in Arizona, of course, and I understand that he was basically maybe playing up to the Arizona crowd — he felt that SB 1070, which has made its way up to the Supreme Court of the United States and will be argued in April, he believes that it should be the template, it should be the model for United States immigration law, not comprehensive immigration reform as the more responsible individuals in Congress have been espousing for a number of years, but an extreme version of an anti-immigrant law passed by the Arizona Legislature.” images.politico.com / Via politifact.com

Paul Begala

“He said the Arizona immigration law SB1070, was a model for the nation.” talkingpointsmemo.com / Via videocafe.crooksandliars.com

Rep. Luis Gutierrez

“Last week he called Arizona’s immigration law a model for the nation.” Via youtube.com

David Axelrod

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