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RNC Chair: Gore, Biden, Kerry Looking At Bernie Sanders And Thinking "Why Not Me?"

"Well I think those guys are looking at it and thinking 'wait a second, why not me?'"

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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says he believes Bernie Sanders' poll numbers and large crowds may inspire Joe Biden, Al Gore, and John Kerry to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

"Well, I think she's in trouble now," Priebus told radio host John Catsimatidis on his program Sunday. "Whether that amounts to Hillary Clinton being in trouble to not be the nominee, that's doubtful, but you never know what else is going to happen, right?

"So if you're Joe Biden, or you're John Kerry, or you're Al Gore, and you're looking at Hillary Clinton's unfavorables at sixty percent -- or her level of trustworthiness or untrustworthiness -- at sixty percent, and you see Bernie Sanders at twenty five, thirty, thirty five percent with ten thousand people coming to see him. Well I think those guys are looking at it and thinking 'wait a second, why not me?' And, I think that's the bigger issue for Hillary Clinton, even more than Bernie Sanders."

Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that Biden was considering a bid for the nomination.

Andrew Kaczynski is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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