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Rick Santorum's PAC Donated To Arlen Specter In 2009

The former Senators maintained close ties until that year.

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Republican Presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has taken heat from Presidential rivals for his 2004 endorsement of Arlen Specter over the more conservative Pat Toomey in the Republican Presidential primary. Santorum has responded that his endorsement was based upon both the electability of Specter in the general election and a promise from the Republican turned Democrat to support Bush judicial nominees.

But 2010 filings to the Federal Election Commission filings show the former Santorum was supporting Specter well after 2004.

2009 FEC filings from Rick Santorum's PAC, America's Foundation, show that Santorum gave $5000 to his former Senate colleague during the critical tidal wave election for Republicans. The donation was made before Specter switched parties. After the switch, Santorum's PAC donation was returned by the Specter campaign.

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