Obama Received Praise From Republicans For Helping Implement Welfare-To-Work In The State Senate In 1997

A new ad from the Romney campaign hits President Obama, alleging the President gutted the Clinton administration’s welfare reform bill from 1996. As a State Senator in 1997, President Obama received praise from Republicans for his help in implementing the welfare-to-work requirements at the state level.

1. Illinois State Senator Dave Syverson:” I would like to take a second to—to thank Senator Obama for the—the hours of time that he spent with us in trying to work out a plan that is acceptable and workable.”

(continued) “We believe that with this in place that we will be helping tens of thousands of individuals move from the welfare rolls to the work rolls.”

2. Illinois State Senator Kathy Parker:“I would like to commend the Chairman, Senator Syverson, who did a lot of work on this issue, and Senator Obama, for his bipartisan support and work, and all of the comments that were made here.”

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