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Mittmentum? One Congressman Endorses Romney 2016

"Why 3 to 4 million Republicans stayed home and didn't vote from him I will never understand," Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania says.

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Mitt Romney has picked up the endorsement of at least one congressman. Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania said Tuesday Romney's the "only person" who had the credentials to be president.

"Listen, I'll be very honest Gov. Romney is the only person who has the credentials. He's done it in the past, he can do it again," said Kelly on NewsMaxTV. "Why three to four million Republicans stayed home and didn't vote from him I will never understand. But I do know this the result of this was four years of a failed presidency and an agenda that doesn't work."

Kelly added Romney was the "most efficient and effective person" to lead the country.

"I believe Gov. Romney is the most — the most — efficient and effective person we can put in that leadership position right now. Someone we can look to he's a man of faith, of success, and he's a man who understand this country and our role in it. He's the guy who called Russia out when everyone else turned, and uh, laughed. He was absolutely right. He understands the economy."

Here's the video:

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